The Grey Lit Café

How to get blogging and stay blogging

March 14, 2022 Anthony Haynes Season 1 Episode 2
The Grey Lit Café
How to get blogging and stay blogging
Show Notes

This episode outlines key considerations for establishing yourself as a blogger -- the mindset, the key decisions, and considerations of how and what to write.


Michael Hyatt's book is called Platform: get noticed in a noisy world (Harper Collins, 2012).

Rachel Extance's post, 'How to create a content plan for your blog', is published on The Story Cave,

Henneke's post, 'Stuck in a blogging rut? Try these 17 ideas to spark a wave of creativity', is published on Enchanting Marketing.

Further ideas and references relating to the incubation of ideas are available on 'Incubating ideas for writing'.


  • Sound production: Bart Hallmark
  • Music: from Handel's Water Music, courtesy of the United States Marine Band and Marine Chamber Orchestra

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