The Grey Lit Café

Posters as a form of research communication

April 26, 2022 Anthony Haynes Season 1 Episode 6
The Grey Lit Café
Posters as a form of research communication
Show Notes

In this episode, Engy Moussa (University of Cambridge) and Anthony Haynes (Creative Director, Frontinus Ltd) discuss how to write, design, and present posters.

They focus on how to anticipate typical pitfalls in order to enhance communicativeness.


'Writing, designing, and presenting a poster' is published by Frontinus Ltd as the 17th resource in the Writing Protocols series. It provides references to other resources, including Colin Purrington's website.

Vischeck is available here:


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About the publisher

This episode is published by Frontinus Ltd. We're a communications consultancy that helps organisations and individuals to communicate scientific, professional, and technical content to non-specialist audiences.

We provide

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and work on presentations, bids and proposals, and publications (for example, reports and papers).

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