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Writing book proposals (II): 5 common pitfalls

August 12, 2022 Anthony Haynes Season 2 Episode 14
The Grey Lit Café
Writing book proposals (II): 5 common pitfalls
Show Notes

Anthony Haynes writes: Although definitions of grey literature exclude books, the proposals that authors write in order to attract a publisher can be thought of as a form of grey literature -- hence our mini-series on book proposals.

How to write a proposal effectively? In this episode, like the previous one, Dr Engy Moussa and I explore some of the pitfalls that authors often fall into.

By anticipating such pitfalls, authors can give themselves an advantage in the competition for book contracts.

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If you enjoyed listening to this episode, you may be interested in the first in this mini-series, Writing book proposals (I): 4 things NOT to do.

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