The Grey Lit Café

Consuming grey literature: a reader's perspective

September 15, 2022 Anthony Haynes Season 2 Episode 17
The Grey Lit Café
Consuming grey literature: a reader's perspective
Show Notes

Anthony Haynes writes: Much of the emphasis of our podcast falls on the creation of grey literature. We often look at grey literature from the perspective of creators, originators, or producers.

But in this episode, we switch perspectives and examine how grey literature looks from the consumer's point of view.

I interview political scientist Dr Engy Moussa (University of Cambridge). We discuss how grey literature has contributed to her research. What types of grey literature have featured in her work? And how have such materials contributed to her research?

We also touch on Engy own production of grey literature.

Engy presents a view of grey literature as "integral" to research, contributing to her work on an almost daily basis -- in the form both of (a) subject matter to be analysed and (b) resources to support the conduct of research.

Our conversation ranges over such grey literature forms as abstracts, applications, dissertations, protocols, reports, presentations, and protocols.

Further listening

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