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The business of professional writing: review of Accidental Author

March 03, 2023 Anthony Haynes Season 3 Episode 28
The Grey Lit Café
The business of professional writing: review of Accidental Author
Show Notes

Anthony Haynes writes: In the literary world there's no shortage of memoir or autobiography. If you want to read about the writing life from the point of view of a writer of fiction, say, or poetry, there's a multitude of options.

But what about the writing life of an author of grey literature?

I can't think of any such memoir - until now. Accidental Author is a memoir of the extraordinarily successful and prolific writing career of Dr Duncan Clarke. Accidental author narrates the story of his prolific career as the author of reports, briefings, presentations, and the like.

In this episode, I'm pleased to review the book.


Duncan Clarke, Accidental author: fifty years writing Africa and the world (Royal Sable Publishing, 2023). ISBN 978-1-991220-12-7.

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