The Grey Lit Café

The games we play in science and research communication

September 21, 2023 Anthony Haynes Season 5 Episode 43
The Grey Lit Café
The games we play in science and research communication
Show Notes

Much of the content on The Grey Lit Café is pragmatic, concerned with how to improve the creation or management of grey literature ('greylit'). And some of it is conceptual. concerned with how to inform our thinking about greylit.

This episode seeks to make a contribution by combining the two sets of concerns.

From a pragmatic point of view, we consider how to improve the processes involved in the creation of such documents as grant proposals and responses to peer review.

From a conceptual point of view, we consider how the key processes involved in greylit represent a form of game-playing. We draw here on the notion of 'homo ludens' as articulated by Johan Huizinga in his great work, Homo Ludens (1938)

Recognizing the games involved in such processes as obtaining funding or getting a paper accepted for publication helps writers to interact effectively with other players (such as grant committees, editors, and peer reviewers) and to produce successful texts.


Johan Huizinga, Homo ludens (Angelico Press, 2016)

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