The Grey Lit Café

Stephanie Shirley shares expertise on comms, business, and creativity

February 02, 2023 Anthony Haynes Season 3 Episode 26
The Grey Lit Café
Stephanie Shirley shares expertise on comms, business, and creativity
Show Notes

Anthony Haynes writes: This podcast covers the production, management, and consumption of grey literature. Of these themes, we've placed most emphasis than most resources on the first.

In the context of professional communication, we're interested in the creators - people and organizations - and their behaviors. This episode stems from that interest.

I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Stephanie Shirley, Founder & Owner of Bennis Public Relations. I've followed Stephanie online for many years and have been struck by the quality and consistency of her output - especially her long-running and outstanding blog, The Comm Entrepreneur,

In the course of our conversation, we explore Stephanie's career history, vocation and motivation. In the process, Stephanie provides three pieces (bronze, silver, and gold) of advice, based on the lessons that she has learned from 12 years of business development.

We also discussed The Comm Entrepreneur - Stephanie's reasons for running the blog and the benefits that accrue.

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Further information on Stephanie and her business

Most of Stephanie Shirley’s public relations career has been spent on the consultant side. At the age of 23, she left her newly appointed job within Pennsylvania's state government to take an entrepreneurial leap of faith and start her own PR consulting business, Bennis Public Relations.

Now almost 12 years later, Bennis Public Relations has proudly assisted hundreds of clients locally and nationally, serving as their strategic partner who creates innovative and effective communication solutions to help grow a powerful and consistent brand. 

Stephanie has helped businesses of all sizes and industries navigate the challenging internal and external communications of branding, transitioning through acquisitions and leadership changes, developing comprehensive strategic communications strategies, and implementing those strategies, consistently and effectively. 

Stephanie is also called upon during critical moments when crisis communications and reputation management are central to the future viability of an organization, brand, or person.


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